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Falam District

Falam District is a District in Chin State of Myanmar.Falam District is subdivided into 5 Townships include Falam Township, Hakha Township, Thantlang Township, Tedim Township, and Tonzang Township.

Administrative Divisions


Burma's industrial relations at a crossroads

Sat, 2014-08-30 09:35
Burma's exports topped US$1 billion last year; the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) predicts that exports will rise to $1.5 billion by the end of 2014. This rapid opening of the industry comes at a time when union leaders and workers ... catched

Ex-Burma beauty queen accused of stealing crown

Sat, 2014-08-30 08:22
A half-century of military rule and self-imposed isolation kept Burma contestants off the stage of international beauty contests until 2012. When Ms Noe was crowned in May, it was seen as a new beginning for young, talented beauties. Following her ... catched

Myanmar's census falls 9 million short of estimate

Fri, 2014-08-29 17:43
The United Nations, which helped Myanmar, also known as Burma, with the survey, had called for all Burmese to be allowed to choose their own ethnicity, but officials refused. The government insists the Muslim Rohingya are illegal migrants from ... catched