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Hseni Township

Hseni Township is a Township in Lashio District of Shan State, Myanmar.Hseni Township is subdivided into 1 Town include Hseni Town.
Hseni Township is also subdivided into 33 Village Tracts which include Hkam Tein Village Tract, Pang Lawt Village Tract, Kawng Haw Village Tract, U Yin Hmu Village Tract, Pein Hsar Village Tract, Taing Yet Village Tract, Mong Yang Village Tract, Ho Ton Village Tract, Ho Pang Myin Village Tract, Nawng Kyawng Village Tract, Mong Li Village Tract, Nar Hsawt Village Tract, Nar Ngin Village Tract, Mong Par Village Tract, Mauk Sa Li Village Tract, Kawng Aing Village Tract, Kawng Mu Hpeik Village Tract, Se Au Village Tract, Kone Nyaung Village Tract, Kun Kauk Village Tract, Nam Sa Larp Village Tract, Kawng Kaw Village Tract, Hway Tawng Village Tract, Nam Toke Village Tract, Man Lin Village Tract, Kawng Wein Village Tract, Shan Ton Nge Village Tract, Loi Hseng Village Tract, Nar Tee Village Tract, Nawnghkio Village Tract, Pang Tee Village Tract, Man Kan Village Tract, and Urban Village Tract.

Administrative Divisions


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